Sempre sobreviure, de tot em refere, perque sempre m'enganxare els dits, que tot em fara mal.
D'entre totes, cap i d'entre cap, una. El fracasat sempre busca la puresa.

Roger Mas

divendres, 10 d’abril de 2009

Els alemanys deixen missatge al Blog!!!

We are two guys from east Germany (that´s important!!) and start our trip on the Arabic countries, now we are travelling in south-east asia... In the south of Thailand, of course in a police station, we meet a really small guy with a really heavy bicycle on his way to Mongolia...

He decide to come with us for one week, after that he liked the German culture so much, that we now travelling together thru Thailand, Laos and Cambodia... all the time - two month!

The catalan (that seems also really important) guy now starts to smoke, drinking beers after each journey and cycle less every day... That´s the German culture we teach him and he starts to become a real German and cycle under our flag!

From this time we like our small Ignasi (in German means Matthias) more every day and it is a easy way to go!!! No matters where we sleep or what we can eat - TRY!!!
Also he learn the German language and knows the most important words, like: Verpiss dich, Scheisse, Knackwurst and Bemme... must be enough to traveller thru Germany... (-:

On the 16th of April we are going diferent ways again - Nepal and USA. But we wish our small catalan friend good luck and our doors are open at every time... also on his possible way back to Catalania, maybe crossing our nice country...

Greetings to his family and friends, for us it was a pleasure to cycle a part of south east asia with this great guy...!!!

Maik and Mario from the east!!! Germany.